code666 is happy to announce the signing of UK Avant-garde Metal band Ashenspire for a multi-album deal.

The band, formed in Glasgow during 2013, takes influence from the left-field approach to metal found in bands such as A Forest of Stars, Dødheimsgard, Vulture Industries and Pensées Nocturnes, along with a strong taste for theatrics in the vein of Devil Doll and Diamanda Galas.

their new album titled “Speak Not of the Laudanum Quandary” will be released in March 2017 on code666, a sublabel of Aural Music Group.

Ashenspire website:


Greek progressive black metal horde Aenaon will release their third studio offering next month via Code666. Titled Hypnosophy, the seven track offering was captured at Crown Audio Conspiracies and is a work of vision and devotion. Dreamlike yet nightmarish, sensual yet dark, an extreme and progressive musical effort complemented by the unique art of Łukasz Wodyński. Hypnosophy is a portal to a glorious surrealistic journey.

Hypnosophy will be released via Aural Music sublabel Code666 on CD, double black vinyl, limited-edition double red vinyl with bonus cd, and digital formats on November 25 in Europe and December 9 in North America.


Video sample first single “Oneirodynia” at THIS LOCATION.

“‘Oneirodynia’ is the opening track of our new album,” elaborates the band, “an progressive inferno that offers no compromise. From the stormy parts to the more tranquil movememnts, ‘Oneirodynia’ simulates all the pleasures and sufferings that an individual can experience in the state of dreaming.”

Adds No Clean Singing in an investigation of the track, “The song has a beautiful, mesmerizing beginning… but don’t get too comfortable, because it soon ignites in a fireball of intensity. As the blast front propagates, the music grows in its fascination, with the jolting attack accented by wonderful saxophone solos, neuron-twisting guitar machinations, a riveting performance by the rhythm section, and a stirring mix of harsh and clean vocals. The intensity abates in the song’s second half, making way for an intriguing instrumental section before the final surge of exuberance, led once again by an incendiary saxophone performance.”

Hypnosophy Track Listing:

1. Oneirodynia
2. Fire walk with me
3. Earth Tomb
4. Void
5. Tunnel
6. Thus Ocean Swells
7. Phronesis / Psychomagic


Forged in 2006, AENAON takes its name from the Greek word “Αέναον,” the Eternal. Churching a distinctly atypical brand of experimental black metal, the band recorded their debut EP Phenomenon in 2007. It was released in 2009 via the Canadian Bleak Art Records and followed by a seven-inch split with Satanochio titled A Parallel Zoetrope in 2010. By 2011, the band had culled a solid underground following and united with Italian label Code666 who released their debut full-length, Cendres et Sang. The release marked the beginning of a new era for the band and a solid collaboration. In 2013, the Greeks released another seven-inch split with the Russia’s Stielas Storhett. However it was 2014’s Code666- issued Extance long player that earned them the most acclaim. immediately received fervent acceptance by the extreme metal scene. Continuing the tradition, in 2015 a third seven-inch split was released in alliance with their Greek comrades Virus Of Koch.

And now the world awaits Hypnosophy….

“AENAON is not a surprise anymore, probably one of the best progressive black metal bands on the planet, Hypnosophy will end in many top 2016 list for sure.”
Metal Hammer

“Extance was pure perfection and Hypnosophy is even better…”
G.O.M. Magazine

previously released video teaser can be found at this location

Aenaon website:



British Black Metallers Hryre unveil the cover artwork of their debut album titled “From Mortality to Infinity”.

here’s what the band had to say:

“Our long awaited debut album “From Mortality to Infinity” will soon be available to share with you all and we are very excited after a lot of blood sweat and tears. We have taken our time in crafting what we feel is a true representation of our artistic intent and we are proud of what we have achieved.
We are thrilled to have worked with some amazing people on this project namely Steve Royston-Smith, Ben Hamin & Matthew Payne in our production team. We also had the pleasure of working creatively with Michael Blenkarn, Katie Stone, Kirstie Louise Barwick & Petula Jessica Hanson all of whom have certainly played their part in making the album what it is and we are delighted with the outcome.
We have worked with Daniel Owen at Nemesis Designs to create the album art and we are thoroughly delighted with how he has interpreted our musical idea in to an amazing illustration and we could not have asked for more, it truly is fantastic.
We are immensely proud to be welcomed in to the family at Aural Records and we cannot thank them enough for the patience and support they have kindly shown us. They are as passionate about our music as we are and together we hope to give our fan base an album that’s been well worth the wait.”

the album is scheduled in September on code666.

Hryre website:


code666 is proud to announce that Progressive Black Metal crew AENAON from greece re-signed a contract to release their third album on our cult sublabel imprint.

the album will be titled “Hypnosophy” and it is scheduled to hit stores in 2016.


Eoront is a Mystic Atmospheric Black Metal project based in Krasnoyarsk , Siberia by singer, guitarist and composer Foltath.

The band is proud to unveil details regarding their new album, titled “Another Realm” scheduled in 2016 via code666, a sublabel of Aural Music Group.

Official Tracklist:

1. The Rain
2. Two Worlds
3. Genesis
4. The Glow
5. The Sea
6. Dreamcatcher
7. The Order Of Light

Citing influences from the likes of Forteresse, Ephemer, Brume d’Automne. Aeternus, Belenos, Fyrnask, Wolves In The Throne Room, Summoning and Abigor, Eoront is now ready to emerge from the deep frozen underground of homeland Siberia.

Eoront Facebook


in 2006, Negura Bunget released their Masterpiece “Om”. hailed as one of the best Black Metal album in history, it is now a true modern day classic.

our cult sublabel code666 is working on a deluxe april 2016 reissue to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this fantastic album, with a complete remastering of the tracks from the original source, a revamped artwork, deluxe double digipack packaging and the entire “Inarborat Kosmos” ep as bonus cd.

fen 2014 small 1

Progressive Post-Black Metallers Fen are now working on their fifth album, still untitled, scheduled on code666 during 2016.

Known for their atmospheric sound, FEN was formed in 2006, and today’s lineup is comprised of The Watcher on guitars and vocals, Grungyn on bass and vocals, and Derwydd on drums.

As The Watcher recently explained, “the new album will be interesting – might be quite challenging for some listeners, we’ve certainly challenged ourselves with writing/working on the material, from a compositional perspective its without a doubt the most ambitious record to date. we are looking to record late Feb/early March 2016″

More information about Fen can be found on the band’s Facebook page at:

Eoront 2014

Eoront is a Mystic Atmospheric Black Metal project based in Krasnoyarsk , Siberia. Formed in 2012 by singer, guitarist and composer Foltath , The band is now working on their new album scheduled later in 2016 via code666, the Kult sublabel of Aural Music Group.

Citing influences from the likes of Forteresse, Ephemer, Brume d’Automne. Aeternus, Belenos, Fyrnask, Wolves In The Throne Room, Summoning and Abigor, Eoront is now ready to emerge from the deep frozen underground of homeland Siberia.



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Aural Music is happy to announce the signing of  Funeral Doom project MESMUR
to our cult sublabel code666. An echoing thud in the chamber of human suffering, Mesmur tries
to capture the sounds of a world that was doomed from the beginning.
Blending influences ranging from the funerary dirges of Evoken to the mesmerizing atmosphere
of Neurosis, Mesmur shows versatility in a genre where simplicity usually reigns.
On the eponymous debut album, Mesmur weaves five tapestries of dread and despair, totalling
about 52 minutes of runtime. Lyrical subject matter ranges from themes of isolation and paranoia,
to death and loss, to cosmic cataclysm and the destruction of human society, and the album as
a whole carries an almost Lovecraftian feeling of hopelessness for humanity in the face of
uncontrollable horrors.
here’s what mastermind Yixja had to say about signing the contract: “We’re thrilled to be joining
forces with the legendary Code666 to release Mesmur’s debut record. I’ve been a fan of the
groundbreaking and forward-thinking label for many years, and several of the most prized
and influential albums in my collection were released by them. We’re extremely honored
and look forward contributing to the Code666 catalogue and sharing our brand of doom metal with the world.