WASTES sign with code666

cover wastes low res

code666 is proud to announce the signing of Extreme Doom Maniacs WASTES.
Born after a drunken night in southern France, WASTES is a project led by Laurent (Mourning Dawn, Inborn Suffering, Funeralium) playing extreme doom metal in its heaviest way. Inspired by filth, scum and everything dirty-related, the project aims to bring the darkest and most painful music its creator could produce.
Composed during wasted moments, WASTES got some interest in the european doom metal scene and thats how David (Sordide, Year of no light), Kostas (Pantheist), Nadine (Ashtar), Fred and Julien (Ataraxie, Funeralium) joined the project to make it real. Debut Album “The Void of Human Vacuity” finally took form as a 45 min long unique song, like a trip to a dark hopeless nightmare without any compromises.
The mixing has been done by Kris (Funeralium, Huata, Abjvration). Original artwork by mexican graphic novel artist Tony Sandoval.

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