HERRSCHAFT re-sign with code666

The French Electro-Metal band HERRSCHAFT is signing a new record deal with Code666 for their upcoming second full album.
Five years after the release of ‘Tesla’ the band finally breaks the silence and is ready to shake dancefloors as much as houndpits with their unique melting of extreme Metal and Electro/Indus genres. This new project, called “Les 12 Vertiges” is to be released in October 2013, and is about to dig once more into human’s mind, now in a more introspective, raw and perverse manner, driving two worlds altogether to their darkest sides.
Born in 2004, HERRSCHAFT has released two albums with Code666 (EP “Architects of the Humanicide” in 2006 and full album “Tesla” in 2008). During last years band members have focused on various musical experiences, studio, remix or live – Zoé now being part of french band The CNK – before setting back the focus to their core project with a new album and a fresh live line-up.”

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