EIBON LA FURIES announces new album

Eibon la Furies presents “The Immoral Compass” , the new album scheduled on code666
at the beginning of 2013.
Track list:
  1. The Compass Awakes
  2. Immoral Compass to the World
  3. Astronomy in Absences
  4. Imperial Jackal’s Head
  5. Flames 1918 (A Song for the Silence)
  6. An Enigma in Space and Time
  7. Who Watches the Watchers?
  8. Conjure Me
  9. Ascending Through Darkness
  10. The Vanguard
  11. The end of everything… (Or the beginning of it all)
Frontman Lord Eibon commented on the album: “Worship no one, bow to none.
No gods exist here. You are your own compass (moral, amoral or immoral).
The balance of greatness can be tipped either way. Ascending through darkness is our only way.
The new Eibon la Furies album, The Immoral Compass, is a concentrated look at
humanity through our own occult lens of avant-garde dark rock and black metal fusion.”
Official FB page HERE

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