Carrier Flux – an avant garde black metal project fronted by Jeff Phillips of Minneapolis
- has signed a 3-album contract with Aural Music imprint Code666. Carrier Flux’s
experimental approach to black metal is a welcome addition to the Code666 family of artists.
Carrier Flux’s third album titled “Objection”, due for release in June 2013, is an
exploratory work that frays the edges of the genre. Fans of dark, atmospheric metal will
appreciate the intricate song structures & evocative qualities. the Visionary Artwork  has
been created by the very talented artist Costin Chioreanu.
Carrier Flux was born in 1999 and released two albums so far: the dark & experimental
Introspective Nightmare (2000, Self-released) and the brooding & philosophical In Waste
(2002, Black Lotus Records). A multi-instrumentalist, Jeff Phillips plays guitar, bass,
keyboards, vocals and programs drums for Carrier Flux, mixing & mastering the audio
in his Minneapolis-based sound studio. Phillips has also been involved with a number
of metal & dark ambient projects, including Cold Colours, Blood of the Earth and Vedisni.
He is inspired by bold, complex & atmospheric metal, citing Abigor, Alghazanth, Arcturus,
Nazxul and Ved Buens Ende as his primary influencers.


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