AKPHAEZYA unveil cover artwork and tracklist of their new album

French “Avantgarde Metal” band AKPHAEZYA unveil cover artwork and official tracklist of their brand new album “Anthology IV : The Tragedy of Nerak” scheduled for march 2012 on code666 (part of the Aural Music Group). The band formed in 2002 to create music without boundaries and released their first demo in 2004 called “Akphaezya – Anthology II: Links from the Dead Trinity” which was re-released later in 2008 by Ascendance/Candelight Records with worldwide critical acclaim. AKPHAEZYA are now working on the video for the track “Nemesis”, scheduled for mid january 2012 on Youtube. Album credits :recorded & mixed by Sylvain Biguet (Klone, Trepalium, Comity, etc…) /Mastered by Brian “Big bass” Gardner (Down, Lamb of god, Suicidal Tendencies, Queen of the stone age…) /Produced / Directed by : Stephan H. (N-Vox) . Cover ARTWORK credits: Artist : Laurent Box,Design : Stephan H.Graphist : Kevin Pertuisot (KaosWorks).


Anthology IV : The tragedy of Nerak

(1) Πρόλογος / PrologosAct I : Spring

(2) Scene I : A slow vertigo…
(3) Scene II : Σωφροσύνη / Sophrosyne
Act II : Summer

(4) Scene I : Utopia
(5) Scene II : Υβρις / Húbris
(6) Transe H.L. 2
Act III : Autumn

(7) Scene I : Genesis
(8) Scene II : DystopiaAct IV : Winter
(9) Scene I : Nemesis
(10) Scene II : …The harsh verdict
(11) Επιλογος / Epilogos
*note: the album is written like a Classic Greek Theater Play.

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