AENAON present new album

The progressive black metal act AENAON will release their highly anticipated 2nd album entitled Extance on January 20th 2014 via Code666/ Aural Music in special Ultra Limited Wooden Box, Standard Cd version and Digital Download. 65 minutes of complex, sparser arrangements and Avantgarde, Eccentric Black Metal. 11 track that simulate the question of individual s self-awareness.
Extance track listing:
1- The First Art
2- Deathtrip Chronicle
3- Grau Diva
4- A Treatise on the Madness of God
5- Der Mude Tod
6- Pornocrates
7- Closer to Scaffold
8- Land of no Water
9- Algernon’s Decadence
10- Funeral Blues
11- Palindrome
Cover artwork by visionary painter Lukasz Wodynski.
the Official Video Teaser has been uploaded on Youtube, HERE

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